ALR String Ensemble

ALR Strings Ensemble

Our 12-piece string ensemble perform breathtaking arrangements of world-famous songs, harmoniously accompanied by one of ALR Music's top vocalists (male or female).

This elegant and unique performance is the perfect choice for show-stopping event moments and beautiful wedding ceremonies, creating unforgettable memories for years to come.

The Band

Musicians :

14 piece band:

8 Violinists

2 Violists

2 Cellists

1 Pianist

1 Vocalist

Options: :

Add Additional Ballroom Dancers
Add Additional Vocalists
12 Strings Only

The Details

From production to travel, outfits to set lists, we’ll take care of the details


Our team of dedicated music experts are on hand to guide you through the planning process, from your enquiry through to the day of your event.


We work closely with you and your Production Company to make sure you have everything you need to see and hear the band at their best.


Our bands can perform anywhere in the world. Our team will find the best option for your event and organise the logistics along the way.