The Legends

Experience the playful & vibrant sound of 1950s Cuba

Experience the playful and vibrant sound of 1950s Cuba with a quintet of Santiago de Cuba’s finest. Having toured across the globe with Cuban music legends Septeto Santiaguero and Sur Caribe and now established in London, these 5 exceptionally gifted musicians have curated a repertoire of the smoothest, grooviest and most evocative pieces from the

traditional Cuban songbook. Their intricate but contagious rhythms will enchant the audience and transport them to the dazzling ambience of old-time Cuban bars, à la Buena Vista Social Club. This year they have performed for incredible events such as brand launches at Fenwick, Facebook HQ and the star-studded AA Gill Awards at The River Cafe in London.

The Band


Male vocal

Set Lengths :

Up to 2hrs performance time

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Female vocal