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Lockdown Series

ALR Music Lockdown Series

During these extraordinary times, we have tried to stay connected and creative as much as possible. We have thought about where music fits into this new way of life, and it seems the answer is everywhere! From the scenes of Italians singing on their balconies to popstars hosting free concerts on their pages, musicians collaborating online or offering virtual music lessons - it has lifted our spirits, bolstered a sense of community and given hope. With that in mind, we wanted to share our ALR Music 'Lockdown Series' what have we been up to, creating and enjoying. One of the incredible things about working with creative people is even at home; in difficult times we can still make some magic.

Get down on it by the Fellas at home
The Fellas really can lift any mood, this is their upbeat version of 'Get Down On It' straight from home.
The Dover Street Big Band in Lockdown
Our amazing Dover Street Big Band got suited up to perform this amazing rendition of ‘We Are in Love’ by Harry Connick Jr
Love on Top performed by 25 of our amazing musicians bringing something special, bright and uplifting - An ALR Music take on the NHS rainbow badge.
Our wartime-era group, The Bluebirds, for a VE Day special.

Q&A's with Alex Le Roux, ALR Music's founder & MD on what he's been up to in lockdown.

What is your favourite new album that has dropped during lockdown?

I've made an 'Isolation Station' playlist on Spotify, so I have been concentrating on bringing 10 new songs to the listeners each week. Its great fun choosing old favourites and finding new ones. Spotify's algorithms are so intuitive so the suggestion of similar songs are helpful. Have a listen here.

What are you listening to in the evenings?

Going back to my first love, which was jazz and listening to Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Wynton Marsalis and Ray Charles. 

What have you been reading?

'The hard things about hard things' and 'the Trillion Dollar Coach.'

What have you been watching?

I am loving the Michael Jordan documentary - The Last Dance. 

What have you been drinking?

Everything. Cocktail hour begins at 5pm at our house. 

What have you been cooking?

Trying to be as healthy as possible, so lots of fish and salads 4 days a week and then the wheels fall off on Friday ahead of the weekend. 

Top morning tips 

Exercise - I have to do an hour - great to clear the head before a day of lockdown at my desk. 

Do you still have any weekend plans?

A long walk in Hyde Park followed by trying a new recipe on a Sunday roast. 

What is the first thing you will do out of lockdown?

Go to a restaurant with my favourite friends. 

What have you missed most during these times?

Obvious but listening to live music. After 9 years of going to 3-6 shows a week, it is something I really am missing. I am looking forward to getting back to it! 

A song from the Gospel Choir that we've been loving in lockdown.

Lockdown Series